What can we do for you?

Free Delivery

Free assistance in PRN Parameter Forms

Free compliance packaging (bubble packs)

Free MARs (Medication Administration Records) and availability of eMARs

Work with providers to cycle routine C-II medications

Direct billing to insurance companies and co-payments directed to responsible party

Competitive pricing on over-the-counter (OTC) products

Cheap OTC medications for residents and no change in price for prescription drugs (insurance determines cost)

Free drug take back/disposal of medications for your convenience

Automatic refills/delivery of all maintenance and routine medications (Cycle starts on the 1st each month)

Same day delivery of STAT medications with 24/7 pharmacist availability

Refills are delivered within 72 business hoursRefill
Add a new resident to an existing facilityResident
Enroll a new facility to our servicesFacility
Fax completed forms to (503) 908-0865Forms